Remote Service

Computer problems? We can fix them remotely! Mac or PC, our techs have the ability to fix your problems without you having to bring your computer in to see us.
We can’t offer all of our services remotely, but we do offer many of them.

Installation of any software program

We’ll clean up any junk software, update your machine and adjust your computers settings for optimal performance. With this service, your computer will work like it’s new!

Thorough cleaning of all viruses and spyware including new antivirus software installation. We’ll get your machine cleaned up, working right, and secure.

We’ll back up all of your data to an external hard drive. This can take a lot of time depending on the amount of data, but we’ll make sure it’s all backed up.

Sometimes you just need help. One of our technicians will gladly assist you with any of your computer problems at our hourly rate.

To initiate a remote service request please contact us via email or phone to schedule.


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