PC Repair

If you can break it we can fix it! Bring in your non-functioning, poorly functioning or broken PC and we’ll get it diagnosed for you. Our diagnostic in-store is always free! Once we’ve diagnosed it, we’ll provide a plan to get your PC repaired and a timeframe to complete the repair. 90% of our PC repairs are diagnosed and completed in well under 24 hours. Bring in your PC today! Contact Us

PC Repair Services


We’ll Check your computer out and recommend some upgrades or improvements

We’ll diagnose your computer’s problems and provide you with repair options

Installation of Memory (RAM) purchased at Peachtree Computers


Installation of any piece of hardware, peripheral or internal

Installation of any software program

We’ll clean up any junk software, update your machine and adjust your computers settings for optimal performance. With this service, your computer will work like it’s new!

Installation of OS, including drivers and accessory software

We’ll re-install your operating system and back up all of your data.

Thorough cleaning of all viruses and spyware including new antivirus software installation. We’ll get your machine cleaned up, working right, and secure.

This service combines our Virus Removal service with our OS Optimization service. Get your machine cleaned up and optimized for performance at the same time.

Software data recovery dependent upon amount of data and techniques required. Exact quote provide before work completed

Data Backup

Laptop Specific Services

Installation of new keyboard, part not included

Installation of new or used lcd, part not included

Installation of new or used motherboard, part not included

Repair of broken or damaged power jack on most laptops

We work on all devices and brands. If the service you’re looking for is not on this list, please request a quote. We can’t give you an exact quote without seeing the device, but we can give you a rough idea of cost.

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