These guys are great! Joe saved my computer twice this week… I have a Dell Inspiron 1501, (a dinosaur). I dropped it and the hinge broke could, barely open it, it was coming apart… They actually had a hinge for this old computer and had it fixed within a couple hours. A couple days later – It just died, wouldn’t turn on at all… dead. Took it back, they pulled it completely apart and with magnifying glass, found a hairline crack in the power outlet… Again fixed in a couple of hours – for a fraction of the cost that you would pay somewhere else…I also have a feeling that somewhere else would have given up, declaring it a dead motherboard… These guys go the extra mile to make sure it is right! Thanks So Much!

Doreen Morgan

The team at Peachtree Computers has always provided me with first class service. I’ve purchased two laptop’s from them. They were priced well and they stand behind their products. I’ve found them to be very fair and a pleasure to work with. In today’s business world, receiving great service is the exception and not the rule. I would recommend this company and encourage you to give them your business.

Phil C. Solomon

I’ve taken a few computers in (one Lenovo laptop and one Mac laptop). These guys can handle anything it seems. Super friendly, and put computer jargon into laymen terms. I highly recommend them to all my friends.

Robin S.,
Marietta, GA

I have had the pleasure of working with Aaron and his team for both our office needs and personal needs. He has been nothing short of professional, knowledgeable and offers terrific service at a fair cost. I highly recommend Peachtree Computers.

Guy LaMarca

What an awesome place to bring in a computer with a virus. They are fast, professional, and affordable. I will buy my next computer there and continue to use them.

Julie H.

My laptop fell and cracked the LCD screen. These guys gave me a quote for the part within $5 of the price I got from a parts dealer online and the labor charge was very reasonable. They fixed it within 48 hours and it only took that long because the screen had to be ordered and shipped in. I would definitely use them again.

Keri F.,
Atlanta, GA

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